Sunday, 18 March 2018


                                              THE PIVOTAL


The considerable bestowal of life is friendship.
Friends are corporal, they are always tries to see you laughing. They are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and who is always wants to show you flying. But they pitch a friendship that will last of lifetime. Other friends may not have such loving. This type of friends is one of in a million, one that fell you deep inside. Friendship gives strength to move forward, you have offered your hand to hold on, when times are tough. We know that to provide support us, god is created it. I believe friends are sent from god above because he know the strength of friendship. Friends are show that love in so many ways, the pain caused by a failed friendship may detriment your life. So I pray to god, friends never apart from a friends. So for that, I write this poem for all friends and tell them from heart,”THANK YOU”

                                                         Composed by :- BITTU SONI

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